The Secrets to Building a Winning Sales Process

Mastering the three vital steps of the sales process: prospecting, converting, and nurturing

How to define a prospect versus a lead and how to move the prospect into an opportunity


In this eGuide, you will learn the three most vital elements of the sales process that small sales teams struggle with:

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How to convert a prospect into a customer


How to follow up and maintain contact with prospects you haven't converted, and with existing customers


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Sales is a complex challenge in the modern, fast-paced, digital world, especially for smaller teams and individuals trying to compete with larger competitors with bigger budgets. In order to compete, you need to build a first-rate sales process.

You already have a sales process, whether you know it or not. What you do to bring in new customers and earn more sales is your sales process. You are here because you want to build a better one and create a sales funnel that is healthy and active.

And we’re here to help. SAP worked with leading sales experts to provide you with the true fundamentals of sales–the things that mean the difference between success and failure for small organizations.

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Convert Better Customers Faster

Get expert advice on how to build a flourishing sales process by prospecting, converting, and nurturing leads. Watch the Webinar.

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